Linux gp32 link tool

gplink is a gp32 usb linker tool for linux. The following commands are supported:

gplink infoget smc info
gplink idsget ids (pduid etc)
gplink ls [directory name]
-l print file sizes
smc directory listing
gplink get source [destination dir]
-r get files recursively
download file
gplink put file [file...] destination
-c do 8.3 filename conversion
upload file(s) to given destination
gplink install file.fpkinstall fpk archive
gplink mkdir pathcreate directory
gplink rmdir pathdelete directory
gplink run fileruns a gxb or fxe file (pc-link/multi-fw only)
gplink rm filedelete file
gplink endend gp32 link mode

See the full README file here.


Release 1.5

Added a -r option to the get command which copies files from the gp32 recursively. I decided it was finally time to backup my SMC and this option will do the whole thing in one command.

Release 1.4

Lots of updates by Patrick Mauritz - the ability to install .fpk packages, safer rm option, command to fetch IDs, plus various other bugfixes and tidy-ups. Patrick's web site has his development version of gplink with other new features should you want to help test them.

The upload/convert option now handles spaces (bugfix from Emmanuele Somma.)

Note: the bug in Linux 2.6 kernels that meant gplink had to be run as root (the usbdevfs devmode option was being ignored) now seems to be fixed. I don't know in which version exactly but the problem's gone in 2.6.8.

Release 1.3

Integrated functionality from Mithris' GpRun for directly running .gxb files. This requires Darkfader's pc-link or multi-fw to operate.

Release 1.2

New in this release is a fix for uploading files over 3mb in size from Ulrich Hecht and a human-readable output option from Vincent Rubiolo. File sizes can now be included with directory listings.

Noshir has written a graphical front-end to gplink, available here.

gplink is released under the GNU General Public License.